Sexual Mania & Religion !!!o

Sexual Mania

I have been asked about the sexual theme that surrounds the content of some religious preaches.o

This was my answer:o

Instinct equals life, and ‘sex’ is a basic instinct that cannot be separated from the daily (life) matters, it is a lifetime human need. But there exists a ‘sexual centered’ approach in delivering Islam as a way of life; what I will call the “Sexual Islam” phenomena!o

While I was lecturing the current (Art of Life) workshop, some religious attendees were annoyed when I mentioned that some scholars learn/teach religion from below the waist or as I say “between their legs!”o

What we need is:o

– Liberating our mind from (personification) and (idolization) (of scholars).o
– Going back to Holy texts which state the (global) and (humanitarian) approach of our religion, Islam.o
– Favoring the (soul culture) upon the (body culture).o

Suggested tools:o

– Pre-marriage workshops, or what is known as sexual education, but in it its broad phenomena.o
– Pre-studies for scholastic and mass communication students.o
– Diffusing the culture of respectable/earnest/mature mixed gatherings rather than un-controlled trivial ones.o
– Expressing our inner self issues to solve them before they develop into serious illness.o
– The female has a great responsibility of promoting her (soul) rather than her (body), and obliging males to respect and appreciate this Self = Soul & Body.o

– As for males, especially our men, their role can be summarized in:o

o Thinking and reasoning: They need to be in control for what they receive from the surrounding sources: Traditions, Media, etc.o
o letting go of certain images, especially those images that put the female in the ‘sex-function’ human only!o
o Self-control towards / or avoiding consumptive media.o

This mania is not only correlated with (banning) methods, as in USA for example, I used to bring my students attention to the way young men stare at their female colleagues at University in nearly the same way eastern guys do.o

The mania can be reinforced by (banning) as well as by (indulgence/spree). Both extremes are disapproved.o

If the idea of religion is not understood as a (way of life), and not only as acts of worship, we will not be able to save ourselves from instinct traps, no matter what the instinct is!o